Undiscovered First

After Leslie Feist’s song “1234” helped make Apple’s iPod commercials iconic and deluged her with a level of fame she never imagined, she took two years off to refocus. The emotional space she gave herself led to her 2011 album Metals, an intimate work that I find is best listened to alone.

“No matter who weaves in and out of your life, regardless of the quality of those deep friendships and familyships, I’m the only common denominator at this point who’s been with me the whole time,” she told the New York Times. “And there’s this sense of trying to make sense of that ultimate solitude. It’s not a negative or even a positive. It’s just a fact.”

Photo Credit: Redfishingboat. Some rights reserved.

Photo credit: Redfishingboat, “Feist 3 @ Yahoo! Music.” Some rights reserved.

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