Volvo Grp. N. Am. LLC v. Truck Enters. Inc.

A group of mid-Atlantic commercial-truck dealerships is preliminarily enjoined from selling or transferring any stocks, assets, or other interests until the court determines Volvo’s rights. Allowing an existing sales deal to go forward, when it likely is not a bona fide offer, would force Volvo to exercise undetermined rights or lose its rights of first refusal. It would be difficult or impossible to calculate a precise monetary harm as a result. While the defendant businesses may be harmed in being managed by a reluctant owner, such harm is likely due to the defendants’ failure to structure the sales in a way that does not breach the agreement.

Volvo Grp. N. Am. LLC v. Truck Enters. Inc., 7:18cv43, Sept. 30, 2018. WDVA at Roanoke (Dillon).

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