In re McGregor

Under § 18.2-308.2(C), “good cause shown” in the context of restoration of gun rights simply means that the risk that caused the offender to lose his or her right to bear firearms, as informed by a factored analysis of the available evidence, no longer appears present.

Here, the petitioner has demonstrated good cause for the court to restore his right to bear firearms. His offenses, the last of which was 29 years ago, were non-violent and didn’t involve the use of a firearm. He was punished for his crimes and has led a law-abiding life since then. He seeks restoration of his gun rights for the lawful purpose of participating in family hunting trips.

Petition granted.

In re McGregor, No. CL18-13906, Nov. 27, 2018. Fairfax Cir. (Bernhard).

Categories: Opinions, Virginia Circuit Courts


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