Don v. Tera Int’l Group Inc.

The plaintiff’s attachment of forged documents containing false information to each of two court filings are sanctionable under Code § 8.01-271.1, meriting a monetary penalty of $90,000 plus $37,452 in attorneys’ fees related to the fraudulent conduct.

The plaintiff also knowingly submitted to the court a transparently fake newspaper article in defense of the defendants’ motion for sanctions, falsely ascribing criminal activity to one defendant in attempt to attack their credibility. This brazen submittal of new forged evidence to oppose sanctions for his previous use of a fake evidence was intentional interference with the administration of justice, warranting a conviction for summary criminal contempt and imposition of the maximum punishment of ten days in jail and a $250 fine.

Don v. Tera Int’l Group Inc., No. CL17-12663, Dec. 5, 2018. Fairfax (Bernhard).

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