In re A.V.T.-A.

The court granted a mother’s petition to change her 7-year-old daughter’s surname to include the name of the girl’s stepfather. The daughter’s current surname is a hyphenation of her mother’s maiden name and her biological father’s surname. Her new surname will include her mother’s married name (stepfather’s name) instead of her mother’s maiden name. The change is in the child’s best interest: Living with her mother and stepfather and their younger children, she is upset by the fact that she is the only one in her family with an entirely different last name than the others. On written schoolwork, she meticulously includes her family’s surname. This change will not impair her relationship with her biological father, whose name will remain part of her surname.

Petition granted.

In re A.V.T.-A., No. CL18-11314, Dec. 27, 2018. Fairfax (Bernhard).

Categories: Opinions, Virginia Circuit Courts


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