Bethune-Hill v. Va. State Bd. of Elections

The court has approved a remedial redistricting plan for use in the 2019 Virginia House of Delegates elections.

After finding that 11 majority-minority House districts were racial gerrymanders in violation of the Equal Protection Clause, the court previously ordered the Virginia General Assembly to adopt a new redistricting plan. When it did not do so, the court appointed a special master to assist in preparing a remedial plan. The parties and interested non-parties now have submitted a total of seven proposed plans for consideration in this remedial phase. Based on these proposals, the special master has filed a final report evaluating these plans and offering several alternatives.

The court concludes that a map composed of four of the special master’s regional proposals remedies the constitutional deficiencies previously identified, complies with traditional districting criteria, defers to the priorities of the legislature, and does not undermine minorities’ rights under the Voting Rights Act.

The defendants are directed to implement the Final Remedial Plan for use in the 2019 Virginia House of Delegates elections.

Bethune-Hill v. Va. State Bd. of Elections, No. 3:14cv852, Feb. 14, 2019. EDVA at Richmond (Keenan).

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