Dawson v. Wash. Gas Light Co.

A plaintiff has stated claims for which relief can be granted as to discrimination and retaliation while he was employed by the defendant.

The plaintiff is a self-described biracial, light-skinned man. He experienced harsh treatment from his first supervisor at work, who yelled at him and stated his dislike for “half-breeds” (ostensibly discussing canines). His second supervisor also treated him more harshly than other employees not in protected classes. The plaintiff was disciplined more than once for infractions that were found not to be his fault after the plaintiff filed grievances.

While any single one of the unfortunate instances he alleges may not itself be sufficient for a discrimination claim, their combined effect may demonstrate discriminatory animus. The plaintiff also alleges adverse employment actions including reduced wages, severe discipline, and termination. The plaintiff also alleges that he was often disciplined soon after he lodged complaints about his treatment.

Motion to dismiss granted in part and denied in part.

Dawson v. Wash. Gas Light Co., No. 1:18cv971, Feb. 20, 2019. EDVA at Alexandria (Hilton).

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