Myer v. All Dulles Area Muslim Society

The court will dismiss the plaintiff’s fourth amendment complaint and impose a pre-filing injunction against him.

The complaint is filled entirely with conclusory language unfounded in fact or law. The plaintiff asserts he is an owner of Defendant All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) Center but has no good-faith basis to make such a claim. The ADAMS Center Articles of Incorporation provide that no earnings or property may inure to the benefit of any member or other private individual. Seven of the individual defendants, sued for tax violations related to the ADAMS Center’s status, have never served as an officer or director of the organization. The plaintiff has also repeatedly used insulting language, asserted baseless accusations of racism and corruption, and raised frivolous claims and appeals.

The plaintiff has a long history of litigation. He has 12 pending or recent lawsuits in this court alone, and he’s noted appeals in six of those cases, including this one. A federal lawsuit involves essentially the same claims as in this case and names not only these defendants but also several judges of this court.

These cases have become such a burden on this court that the Supreme Court of Virginia had to step in and recuse all 15 judges of the bench and appoint a judge designate. The undersigned judge has had to schedule five hearings in this case to hear baseless and frivolous motions, many of which have already been heard by him or other judges. Any time a judge rules against the plaintiff, he brings further harassing litigation. He has alleged a conspiracy between the undersigned judge and defense counsel and filed numerous motions filled only with vitriolic language directed at defense counsel. Because the plaintiff is indigent, monetary sanctions will be ineffective in preventing future improper behavior.

Motion to dismiss granted.

Myer v. All Dulles Area Muslim Society, No. CL17-10836, Apr. 15, 2019. Fairfax (Poston).

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