About Evening Docket

Evening Docket is part legal tracker, part internet aggregator, and part journal. Here’s a breakdown of what you can find here:

Virginia case law. I track and summarize the day’s key opinions from the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Virginia’s Eastern and Western U.S. District Courts, the Supreme Court of Virginia, the Court of Appeals of Virginia, and Virginia’s circuit courts. I post a rundown of the day’s decisions every evening. If you’re an attorney with an oral argument coming up, check here the night before to make sure your authorities are still sound.

Currently, Fairfax and Norfolk are the only two Virginia circuit courts that make judicial opinions available online. If you’re a member of the bench or bar with a Virginia circuit court opinion that merits publicity, please send it to eveningdocket@gmail.com.

News commentary. I write short and long pieces about the current issues in law and politics that seem most interesting. (For better or worse, law and politics cover just about every aspect of life, so it may be more accurate to just admit that I write about whatever I want).

Book reviews. Reading is my passion, although my attention is usually limited. When I manage to finish an entire book, I’ll let you know if I recommend it.

Food features. I organize my life around food. If you’re similarly afflicted, you can find recipes that consistently work for me and restaurants that impress me.

Music. My days always have a song to match. You can follow mine here via Spotify.

Thoughts on something you read here? Email me at eveningdocket@gmail.com. I publish trenchant reader feedback in stand-alone posts.

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