About Rebecca

I’m a social-scientist-turned-lawyer by profession and writer by compulsion. I live in Virginia by way of Washington, New York, Ohio, and Florida. I love books, running, pianos, bourbon, scarves, pasta, and all shades of pink.

Special interests: Federal courts, political philosophy, international relations, civil rights, employment law & policy, child development, cognition, feminism, self-driving vehicles, and universal basic income.

Teams: Buckeyes, Seahawks, Tribe, Cavs, Lebron, New York pizza, introverts, Mac, and Oxford comma.

Past gigs: Research assistant and foreign relations instructor at Ohio State, stay-at-home parent, judicial intern, litigator, and newspaper editor.

I created Evening Docket in 2018 to host my writing. I also used the site to track Virginia state and federal case law daily until May 2019. Case links and summaries from that period can be found using the Opinions tab, the tag cloud, and the search bar.


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