Who “We” Are

With only distant connections to the military, I usually think of Memorial Day as a holiday to honor other people. Them. The servicemembers, over a million of them, who’ve died answering their country’s call of duty. The ones who would… Read More ›

Just (Im)Peachy

Most accounts of the 1787 Constitutional Convention emphasize how the framers designed checks on the president to prevent tyranny. But delegates feared an out-of-control legislature, too. Some thought it was a bad idea to give Congress the power to remove… Read More ›


Virginia’s 7th U.S. House District really was unwinnable, until it wasn’t. In 2016, with Republican incumbent Dave Brat supporting the most toxic presidential candidate of my lifetime, Democratic challenger Eileen Bedell received only 42 percent of the votes to Brat’s… Read More ›