4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

United States v. Young (U)

One of the defendant’s three drug-related convictions – each related to possession of a firearm – must be vacated because the warrantless vehicle search wasn’t justified by the inventory-search exception. Whether through introduction of written police department rules and regulations… Read More ›

Kerpen v. Metro. Wash. Airports Auth. (P)

The district court didn’t err in dismissing the appellants’ various constitutional and statutory challenges to Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority’s ability to use toll revenues to fund projects enhancing access to Dulles airport. The Authority’s structure doesn’t violates the non-delegation principle because it… Read More ›

Haynie v. United Airlines Inc. (U)

The court vacated an award of $30,000 in defense attorneys’ fees, finding that although the district court listed the deficiencies in the plaintiff’s counsel’s representation and filings, its analysis didn’t permit adequate appellate review. Under Six v. Generations Fed. Credit… Read More ›