Court of Appeals of Virginia

Parham v. Parham (U)

An ex-husband was “voluntarily underemployed” after he was terminated for cause from a position in which he earned more than $340,000 per year, then took the same position with another employer for only $162,000 per year. The circuit court’s decision… Read More ›

Chung v. Chung (U)

The circuit court erred in awarding spousal support to a wife. After the wife’s complaint was stricken, it became a nullity. Thus, there was no valid pleading before the court requesting such support, and the court lacked authority to award… Read More ›

Wood v. Commonwealth (U)

The defendant’s convictions are affirmed. The jury’s verdict was supported by testimony that wasn’t contradicted by other witnesses for the Commonwealth. Further, text messages sent to the defendant were not inadmissible hearsay and therefore were not admitted in error. The… Read More ›

Jones v. Commonwealth (U)

Evidence was insufficient to sustain the defendant’s conviction for use of a firearm and for attempted robbery. Police saw the defendant put on a hooded sweatshirt and follow another man into an alley, but there was no evidence that the… Read More ›

Darley v. Commonwealth (U)

A repairman’s conviction for petit larceny of valuables from the house he was servicing wasn’t supported by sufficient evidence to exclude a reasonable hypothesis of innocence. The defendant was performing repairs (with permission) when no one else was at home,… Read More ›

Commonwealth v. Johnson

Suppressing the defendant’s statements to a magistrate judge was not in error. The Commonwealth didn’t prove that the magistrate questioned the defendant as a judicial officer, rather than as a law enforcement officer whose inquiries were reasonably likely to elicit… Read More ›

Schmuhl v. Commonwealth (P)

The court affirmed convictions stemming from Andrew Schmuhl’s home invasion and attack on Bean Kinney managing partner Leo Fisher and his wife. Schmuhl’s defense of involuntary intoxication from medication, as presented at trial, was distinct from statutory insanity and not… Read More ›