Jones v. Commonwealth (U)

Evidence was insufficient to sustain the defendant’s conviction for use of a firearm and for attempted robbery. Police saw the defendant put on a hooded sweatshirt and follow another man into an alley, but there was no evidence that the… Read More ›

Richardson v. Welch

The Virginia Department of Corrections is entitled to summary judgment as to a plaintiff’s claim that, while incarcerated, he has been wrongfully denied proper observance of the Nation of Islam Month of Fasting in December, according to his beliefs. When… Read More ›

United States v. Ritchie

Expert testimony from a former Drug Enforcement Agency chemist regarding the synthetic drug “spice” would have been cumulative and, thus, not material to the defendants’ convictions for drug crimes. At trial, the defendants had been allowed to produce two other… Read More ›

Denisenko v. Sentara Hosps.

The court denied Sentara’s claim that it had no duty to protect one emergency-room patient from another’s unprovoked attack. Although the hospital didn’t assume a duty to control the other patient despite his known history of aggression and violence, the… Read More ›

Doe v. Alger

Following a successful due process claim against James Madison University related to accusations of sexual misconduct, the court awarded the plaintiff $519,271 in fees, $41,408 in litigation expenses, and $13,500 in costs. The court imposed a modest reduction based on… Read More ›

Commonwealth v. Rhodes

In a probation revocation proceeding, the defendant was not placed in an “unreasonable” position of lying or being punished for his silence. To rely on the Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination, he had to invoke it, which he never did…. Read More ›