Falls Church Med. Ctr. v. Oliver

Virginia regulations may present unconstitutional obstacles to the provision of abortion services. Five healthcare providers sufficiently alleged facts to support their several legal requirements unduly burden patients’ right to seek abortions. The challenges surviving dismissal related to classification of facilities… Read More ›

Darley v. Commonwealth (U)

A repairman’s conviction for petit larceny of valuables from the house he was servicing wasn’t supported by sufficient evidence to exclude a reasonable hypothesis of innocence. The defendant was performing repairs (with permission) when no one else was at home,… Read More ›

FERC v. Powhatan Energy Fund LLC

The court declined to dismiss a FERC enforcement action against multiple energy traders. After the Commission assessing substantial amounts in civil penalties and disgorgement based on the respondents’ engaging in “wash trades” (trades arranged to cancel each other out and… Read More ›

Fitzgerald v. Alcorn

The court vacated the stay on its previously-granted injunction of Virginia’s Incumbent Protection Act. When granted, the stay served to mitigate confusion during political parties’ nomination process, but the next nomination period doesn’t begin until February 2019. In the meantime,… Read More ›

United States v. Millender

Evidence was sufficient to convict a defendant for offenses related to wire fraud and money laundering, but the defendant’s wife’s convictions weren’t supported. The couple founded and led an Alexandria church, which the husband began to fund via soliciting funds… Read More ›

Headhunter LLC v. Does 1-9

In a copyright infringement suit arising from BitTorrent downloading of the plaintiff’s movie, the nine defendants must also be severed because, despite being in a common BitTorrent “swarm,” the defendants’ conduct wasn’t part of the same transaction or occurrence. One… Read More ›

Ray v. Roane

The court dismissed a Fourth Amendment claim based on a deputy sheriff shooting and killing the plaintiff’s dog, which he claimed was approaching him and barking. Shooting the dog was a reasonable seizure under the circumstances, and the officer was… Read More ›