Hodnett v. Commonwealth (U)

Evidence was sufficient to find the defendant guilty of constructive possession of ammunition as a felon. The defendant owned the vehicle where the ammunition was found and drove it “all the time.” He’d been in close proximity to the ammunition… Read More ›

Coates v. Jones (U)

In this medical-malpractice action, the trial court properly declined the to strike two members of the jury venire for cause. The first prospective juror had a nursing license but was not working in the field of medicine at the time of… Read More ›

Bryant v. Commonwealth (U)

The court of appeals erred in dismissing the defendant-appellant’s appeal of his conviction, following guilty pleas to burglary with intent to rape, murder or rob while armed; malicious wounding; and assault on a person having a protective order against him…. Read More ›

Cox v. Commonwealth (U)

The defendant pled guilty to driving while intoxicated, second offense, possession of marijuana and felony hit and run. The trial court sentenced the defendant to a maximum sentence of five years, but the court also stated that it would reconsider… Read More ›

Adkins v. Commonwealth (U)

In the defendant’s trial for murder, the trial court should have granted the defendant’s motion to suppress statements he made after invoking his right to remain silent. The defendant invoked that right when he said: “I don’t have no more to… Read More ›

RC VA Lands LLC v. Smith (U)

In a lengthy, contentious family dispute over a will, the circuit court properly imposed sanctions against the petitioner but erred in awarding an amount in excess of attorneys’ fees actually incurred. As the estate administrator argued below, the relevant petition… Read More ›

Labgold v. Regenhardt (U)

The court held that a plaintiff had standing to sue his legal malpractice complaint, arising from bankruptcy representation. While the plaintiff did allege some pre-petition breaches that he lacks standing to assert, he also alleged that the defendant failed to… Read More ›

Wright v. Woodson (U)

The court denied a petition for habeas corpus. Although the petitioner’s trial counsel was unaware that grand larceny was not a lesser-included offense of robbery, he wanted the jury to have the option of perspective and a lighter sentence. Trial… Read More ›

Eaton v. Baer (U)

The circuit court erred in denying the plaintiffs’ easement by necessity over the defendant’s land, which lies between the plaintiffs’ land and the public road. The decision below was based on the plaintiffs’ failure to prove that the county would… Read More ›