U.S. District Court – Eastern District of Virginia

Padilla-Ruiz v. Commc’n Techs. Inc.

The plaintiff, an assistant professor of military history, failed to establish a prima facie case that his employer recommended his termination based on anti-military animus, rather than on the plaintiff’s dishonest actions. Further, the plaintiff’s claim under Puerto Rico tort… Read More ›

Diversified Lending LLC v. Hotz

The court awarded the plaintiff $9,953 in attorneys’ fees and costs connected to its motions for sanctions and contempt, pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 37. Counsel reasonably spent seven hours on drafting and arguing plaintiff’s motion for contempt… Read More ›

Frankel v. United States

An employee of the U.S. Navy cannot proceed on claims arising from another employee allegedly striking him with her car. Another judge of this court, in dismissing the plaintiff’s prior suit arising out of the same incident, held that the… Read More ›

Kandasamy v. Advanced Software Sys. Inc.

Under Virginia’s crime-fraud exception to the attorney-client and work-product privileges, the court will not quash the defendant’s subpoena to the non-party law firm that previously represented the plaintiff before it withdrew as counsel. The defendant presented substantial evidence that emails… Read More ›

United States v. Habteyes

The defendant, who has been indicted for making false material representations to immigration/naturalization officials regarding his background in Ethiopia, seeks to exclude from the court’s consideration a ledger of firearms distributions to supporters of Ethiopia’s military council (which was waging… Read More ›

Gillison v. Lead Exp. Inc.

In a case alleging that the defendant company illegally obtained consumer credit reports, the court declined to grant jurisdictional discovery on grounds that the plaintiffs’ justification was not asserted with sufficient specificity to merit access to the defendants’ documents. The… Read More ›