U.S. District Court – Eastern District of Virginia

Brown v. Cobb

Civil rights claims against a police officer who fatally shot an 18-year-old survive a motion to dismiss, for now. The plaintiffs, administrators for the victim’s estate, sufficiently alleged that the officer acted under color of law despite being off duty… Read More ›

Kirgan v. M & T Trust Co.

The evidence fails to show that a corporate trustee violated the terms of the governing will or is otherwise incapable of properly performing the duties of its office. None of the evidence demonstrated that the corporation’s actions were not in… Read More ›

Fessler v. IBM Corp.

IBM was not obligated to pay its employee uncapped commissions under either an oral or implied contract. IBM lacked any intent to bind itself to pay such commissions; rather, it tended to retain sole discretion over the commission amount, if… Read More ›

J.E.C.M. v. Lloyd

In this immigrant family-reunification case, plaintiffs have stated sufficient allegations to support procedural and substantive challenges to the Office of Refugee Resettlement’s policy to deny release of a minor in custody where the child’s sponsor cohabits with other adults who… Read More ›

United States v. Delavan

The defendant’s attorney is disqualified due to a serious potential conflict, in that he will likely be required to impeach the credibility of a witness who he previously represented. Motion to inquire granted; counsel disqualified. United States v. Delavan, No…. Read More ›

Lindsay-Felton v. FQSR LLC

A plaintiff who resigned from her employment based on alleged race discrimination can take her hostile-work-environment claim to a jury, based on her immediate supervisor’s conduct. His comments about the plaintiff’s “culture” and his use of the term “cockroach” could… Read More ›