U.S. District Court – Eastern District of Virginia

Smiley v. Forcepoint Fed. LLC

An employer being sued for employment discrimination has the right to compel arbitration via a clause in its employment contract with the plaintiff. The defendant filed an answer (that didn’t mention its arbitration rights) but didn’t file any other dispositive… Read More ›

Livingston v. Nielsen

In an employment discrimination suit, evidence as to a particular comparator employee’s demotion as cited by the plaintiff will be excluded. The comparator had a different supervisor, experienced an adverse decision by a different decision-maker, was a career employee rather… Read More ›

Halozyme Inc. v. Iancu

Under a binding 2018 case from the Federal Circuit, the plaintiff is required to pay the non-personnel expenses incurred by the U.S. Patent & Trade Office and the Department of Justice in litigating denial of the plaintiff’s patent application. The… Read More ›

Overstock.com Inc. v. Visocky

Overstock.com sued several individuals and websites for reproducing its online content in order to entice Overstock customers to unwittingly enter their personal or financial information on the defendants’ websites. After no defendant appeared at a default judgment hearing, the court… Read More ›

In re: Subpoena to Nat’l Sci. Found.

The National Science Foundation is compelled to produce transcripts of interviews it conducted as part of a criminal investigation of one defendant in underlying trade-secrets litigation. Neither the Privacy Act, nor law-enforcement privilege, nor deliberative-process privilege prohibits disclosure. Production of… Read More ›

Woods v. Maserati N. Am. Inc.

The court had diversity jurisdiction over a case arising from alleged defects in a vehicle the plaintiffs purchased, which the defendant failed to repair. The plaintiffs contended that, with an offset for the vehicle’s return to the defendant, the amount… Read More ›

Blanch v. Hexagon US Federal Inc.

A plaintiff suffering from diabetes, colon cancer, vision problems, hearing difficulties, kidney failure, and amputated appendages failed to present evidence from which a jury could reasonably conclude that the defendant terminated the plaintiff’s employment for discriminatory reasons. The employer claimed… Read More ›

Hall v. The Coca-Cola Co.

The plaintiff was injured when a product display fell on her, and the defendants removed her lawsuit from Norfolk Circuit Court to federal district court, based onĀ federal enclave jurisdiction over an injury occurring at a federally-owned military base. In general,… Read More ›

United States v. Gibson

In advance of the defendant’s trial for several fraud offenses, the court declined to categorically exclude evidence that the victims were elderly and that the funds came from their retirement savings. However, the court granted the defendant’s motion to exclude… Read More ›

Juul Labs Inc. v. Unincorporated Ass’ns

The court granted a temporary restraining order requested by Juul Labs, an e-cigarette company, against several entities allegedly “promoting, advertising, marketing, retailing, offering for sale, distributing, and selling counterfeit products” bearing Juul trademarks.” The defendants are unknown individuals identified by… Read More ›