Legal Drafting FAQs

Is it ethical for you to write legal documents for me?

Yes, if you are a Virginia-licensed attorney and you adopt the work as your own for purposes of your professional responsibilities to your clients and to the courts. I encourage you to review the Virginia State Bar’s Rules of Professional Conduct 1.4, 1.6, and 4.1 to ensure proper communications with your clients, as appropriate, about engaging my drafting services.

PLEASE NOTE: I offer writing assistance only to lawyers, not legal services to their clients. I don’t conduct independent legal research or draft client-facing documents (e.g. contracts, policies, or correspondence). I also don’t assist parties representing themselves in a legal dispute.

Will my clients’ confidential information be protected?

I do not affirmatively share either the identities of my own clients (i.e. you as the attorney) or any information you provide to me in the course of drafting.

However, please keep in mind that any disclosures to me as a third-party contractor may waive attorney-client privilege. You can generally limit the information you share with me to the facts and exhibits that will appear in the court’s public records as part of your filing.

In sensitive cases involving material to be filed under seal, you may wish to keep your client anonymous by redacting and replacing sensitive names or other identifying information in any records you provide to me. In that case, I’ll use your chosen pseudonyms in the written product I provide to you. This approach adds a layer of protection for your client’s privacy, but it also prevents me from including the matter in my voluntary conflicts database.

Do you check for conflicts?

Yes. Although no ethical rule requires it under these circumstances, I do keep a database of all adversary matters in which I provide drafting work. After checking each new project against those records, my policy is to decline any work that appears to raise a conflict of interest. NOTE: As described above, my database is voluntary and necessarily excludes matters in which the represented client was anonymous to me.

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