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Like my writing? Make it yours. For a flat fee, I offer original drafting or a thorough edit for a polished final product. Read on for details, or email me at eveningdocket@gmail.com to find out more about how I can help you.

Writing services

Legal drafting. I assist other Virginia attorneys seeking research and drafting support. My legal writing has won multiple awards, and as a litigator I’ve written successful appellate briefs, dispositive and other pretrial motions, pleadings, and administrative filings across a wide variety of practice areas. As followers of Evening Docket know, I track state and federal court opinions daily to stay current on common legal issues.

Read more about my legal drafting policies here.

Business development. Want to lead a continuing education session, host a client seminar, or shop an op-ed about your specialty area? I draft articles and design presentations and handouts so you can spend more of your personal networking time connecting with others.

Web copy. Your website may be the first professional impression you make on potential clients. Keep it fresh with periodic updates that show you’re engaged with your business and community. Did you see a recent case on Evening Docket that’s relevant to your area of expertise? Will recent legislation or other news developments affect your business or customers? Contact me for a plain-English summary for your exclusive use, usually ready within 24 hours.

Reports and position papers. Is your organization preparing to release results of a study, a news item, or a call to action? With academic and journalistic publications and a background in social science, I can tailor your message to appropriate audiences.

Editing services

Legal brief editing and moot sessions. My goal is to make sure that your written and oral arguments are as persuasive and polished as possible. Having worked with judges in both trial and appellate court chambers, I have a strong sense of what makes a brief compelling to a tribunal. I also regularly observe court sessions in Richmond to stay familiar with judges’ questioning styles and effective advocacy techniques. Contact me for a thorough edit or to practice your oral advocacy.

My brief review is comprehensive. In addition to evaluating grammar, style, syntax, and legal citations for Bluebook compliance, I assess messaging and argument structure, subjective language efficiency, and overall persuasive effect. Unless we arrange otherwise, I will return a complete redline edit to you within 24 hours. In some circumstances, I can deliver same-day “rush” editing for an additional fee.

NOTE: For lawyers handling certain types of cases (e.g. immigration appeals and civil rights claims), I offer briefing and argument consulting “pro bono” as my schedule permits. Contact me to check my availability.

Manuscript editing. No matter what you’re writing, you need at least one thorough editor who cares as much about your work as you do. Whether you’re shopping an article, a novel, a non-fiction deep dive, I provide interactive and thorough stylistic and substantive feedback at an affordable rate.

Scholastic editing/tutoring. I’m passionate about good writing and love to see the next generation rising to the challenge. If you’re a high school, college, or graduate student hoping to take your writing to the next level, I can assist you on a per-assignment basis.

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