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Like my writing style? Make it yours. For a flat fee, I offer original drafting or just a thorough edit for a polished final product. Read on for details, or email me at eveningdocket@gmail.com to discuss your needs.

Writing and consulting services

Legal writing. I’m a Virginia-licensed attorney, and my specialty is clear, cogent legal analysis. I won multiple writing awards in law school, and as a litigator I’ve written appellate briefs, dispositive and other pretrial motions, pleadings, and administrative filings across a wide variety of issue areas. I’ve also worked in both trial and appellate court chambers, so I have a good sense of what makes a brief compelling to a tribunal. Contact me for drafting and editing assistance.

Read more about my policies for drafting legal documents ethically.

Business development. Want to lead a continuing education session, host a client seminar, or shop an op-ed about your specialty area? I draft articles and design presentations and handouts so you can make the most of your personal networking time.

Web copy. Your website may be the first professional impression you make. Keep it fresh with periodic updates that show you’re engaged with your business and community.

Did you see a recent case on Evening Docket that’s relevant to your area of expertise? Will recent legislation or other news developments affect your business or customers? I’ll draft a plain-English summary for your exclusive use.

Reports and position papers. Is your organization preparing to release results of a study, a news item, or a call to action? With publications and other experience in journalism, social science, and other academic writing, my skill set applies to your needs.

Frequently asked questions

What’s included in your editing service?

My review is comprehensive. In addition to evaluating grammar, style, syntax, and legal citations for Bluebook compliance, I provide feedback on message or argument structure, language efficiency, and persuasive effect.

How quickly can you produce a draft for me?

With allowances for the scope and complexity of a project, the following estimates may be helpful in your planning:

  • 5 business days for a project estimated at 20+ pages (e.g. an appellate brief or complex dispositive motion)
  • 4 business days for a project estimated at 15-20 pages (e.g. a shorter but substantive pleading)
  • 3 business days for a project estimated at less than 15 pages
  • 2 business days for a standard presentation outline or slideshow
  • 24 hours for a case summary

How quickly can you return a thorough edit of my work?

Unless we arrange otherwise, I will return your redlined draft within one business day. I also offer same-day “rush” editing for an additional fee.

What materials do you need for an original draft?

Helpful materials: Examples or templates of your prior work (or other work you admire).

Necessary materials for a legal product: (1) All pleadings and other relevant filings in the case. (2) Any record you may wish to use as an exhibit. (3) Full copies of all cases and other legal authorities you intend to rely on.

An original draft will draw solely on the materials you provide to me. My services don’t include any independent legal research or Shephardizing/KeyCite.

Do you provide the same material to different clients?

Almost never. Other than language describing a basic legal standard or summarizing the state of the law, original writing comes with my commitment not to permit others to use the same content and dilute its value. For example, if I draft a case summary for your website, I won’t provide the same summary for others to use. So first come, first served!

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