Latson v. Clarke (P)

The court granted summary judgment as to various claims by plaintiff and former inmate Reginald Latson, who alleges he was denied medical treatment and subjected to abuse prior to being conditionally pardoned by the Governor of Virginia. Latson’s claims under… Read More ›

Johnson v. Commonwealth (P)

Admitting hearsay evidence in a probation revocation¬†proceeding didn’t violate the defendant’s right to confront witnesses against him under the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. The circuit court revoked probation based in part on his contact with underage females,… Read More ›

Falls Church Med. Ctr. v. Oliver

Virginia regulations may present unconstitutional obstacles to the provision of abortion services. Five healthcare providers sufficiently alleged facts to support their several legal requirements unduly burden patients’ right to seek abortions. The challenges surviving dismissal related to classification of facilities… Read More ›