Latson v. Clarke (P)

The court granted summary judgment as to various claims by plaintiff and former inmate Reginald Latson, who alleges he was denied medical treatment and subjected to abuse prior to being conditionally pardoned by the Governor of Virginia. Latson’s claims under… Read More ›

In re: Murphy-Brown LLC (P)

The district court must vacate a gag order imposing stringent restrictions on participants and potential participants in a series of nuisance suits brought against the hog industry in North Carolina. Plaintiffs claim that hog farms give rise to undue amounts… Read More ›

City of Norfolk v. Salyers

A provision of the Norfolk City Code regarding “soliciting in the street” is an unconstitutional content-based restriction on speech. The provision was the basis for convicting the appellant for standing in the median near an intersection, holding a sign saying… Read More ›

Haendel v. Clark

Factual disputes prevented summary judgment as to whether the defendants violated the plaintiff’s First Amendment rights in prison by not offering food that was kosher for Passover, rather than merely kosher. A jury could also find that the defendants discriminated… Read More ›