Commonwealth v. Baxter

During an encounter that was initially consensual, police had reasonable suspicion to conduct a protective search after the defendant refused to take his hands out of his pockets, which contained an L-shaped bulge. The officers – patrolling a high-crime, high-drug, gang-associated… Read More ›

United States v. Terry (P)

Discovery of evidence seized during a traffic stop was not sufficiently attenuated from an unlawful search effectuated by surreptitious placement of a GPS device on the appellant’s vehicle, a flagrant constitutional violation. The district court’s holding that the appellant did… Read More ›

Commonwealth v. Coleman (U)

A fingerprint analysis was not “fruit of the poisonous tree” and shouldn’t have been suppressed. The defendant contends that because the Commonwealth obtained his “identifying information” through an illegal seizure, a direct comparison between fingerprints on the handgun and the… Read More ›