Commonwealth v. Briggs (U)

The circuit court properly concluded that the defendant should have received Miranda warnings before he was questioned by a private prison investigator while incarcerated. The defendant was subjected to substantial restraints on his liberty in addition to those he experienced… Read More ›

United States v. Camara (P)

The court affirmed the appellant’s convictions arising from his participation in a scheme to resell luxury vehicles using stolen identities. The appellant’s indictment charged him with conspiring “with Ray Ekobena and others, known and unknown,” to violate three different federal… Read More ›

Secret v. Commonwealth (P)

The court upheld the defendant’s convictions for arson of an occupied dwelling and nine counts of attempted first-degree murder. The circuit court didn’t err in denying the defendant’s motion to suppress his confession, given after he waived Miranda rights properly read… Read More ›