Hannah P. v. Coats (P)

The district court correctly held that an employer was entitled to summary judgment as to an employee’s Rehabilitation Act discrimination claim and FMLA retaliation claim, arising from the employer’s decision not to hire her for a permanent position. However, the… Read More ›

Latson v. Clarke (P)

The court granted summary judgment as to various claims by plaintiff and former inmate Reginald Latson, who alleges he was denied medical treatment and subjected to abuse prior to being conditionally pardoned by the Governor of Virginia. Latson’s claims under… Read More ›

Blanch v. Hexagon US Federal Inc.

A plaintiff suffering from diabetes, colon cancer, vision problems, hearing difficulties, kidney failure, and amputated appendages failed to present evidence from which a jury could reasonably conclude that the defendant terminated the plaintiff’s employment for discriminatory reasons. The employer claimed… Read More ›