Business Law

Bennett v. Garner (P)

Contrary to the district court’s holding, the appellant’s claims against his former employer were not precluded under Virginia’s doctrine of res judicata. Seeking to collect on a state-court judgment, he couldn’t have brought the claims at the time of his… Read More ›

May v. R.A. Yancey Lumber Corp. (P)

Code § 13.1-724(A) requires approval by shareholders if a disposition would leave their corporation without a significant continuing business activity, and Code § 13.1-724(E) requires that such dispositions must be authorized by “an affirmative vote of more than two-thirds of the… Read More ›

Kirgan v. M & T Trust Co.

The evidence fails to show that a corporate trustee violated the terms of the governing will or is otherwise incapable of properly performing the duties of its office. None of the evidence demonstrated that the corporation’s actions were not in… Read More ›

Fessler v. IBM Corp.

IBM was not obligated to pay its employee uncapped commissions under either an oral or implied contract. IBM lacked any intent to bind itself to pay such commissions; rather, it tended to retain sole discretion over the commission amount, if… Read More ›