Class Actions

Riggleman v. Clarke

In this putative class action for Eighth Amendment violations, certification is inappropriate. The plaintiff, a Virginia inmate, is not an adequate class representative because his counsel is not adequate to handle this case as a class action. Counsel initially failed… Read More ›

Bell v. Brockett (P)

This case involves a defendant class action, a litigation “unicorn.” Here, while the district court failed to follow Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23 its decision is affirmed due to the unique circumstances of this case. Class counsel was not appointed… Read More ›

Sharp Farms v. Speaks (P)

Since its inception in 1946, a tobacco cooperative administered a federal price-support program designed to stabilize tobacco prices for member growers. That program ended in 2004, when Congress enacted the Fair and Equitable Tobacco Reform Act. By this point, the… Read More ›