United States v. Davis (P)

In the defendant’s trial for drug distribution, the district court did not abuse its discretion in admitting (1) a confidential informant’s out-of-court statement about purchasing drugs from the defendant prior to the relevant investigation, (2) an officer’s photographs of the… Read More ›

United States v. Whyte (P)

A jury convicted the defendant-appellant of several fraud offenses, with parallel False Claims Act proceedings, arising from his failure to provide multinational forces in Iraq with contracted-for armored vehicles. First, the criminal prosecution was not collaterally estopped by the prior False… Read More ›

Lambert v. Commonwealth (P)

Trial evidence supported the jury’s conclusion that the defendant-appellant had driven his vehicle under the influence of self-administered drugs. Evidence established that the appellant had methadone, alprazolam, and nordiazepam in his blood at the time it was drawn. He admitted… Read More ›

Mendez v. Commonwealth (U)

Under Code § 18.2-460(C), the felony obstruction-of-justice statute, a threat that constitutes attempted obstruction must have a direct relationship to an enumerated felony. The General Assembly has determined that threatening certain public officials as they attempt to perform their official duties is… Read More ›

In re: Scott (P)

The petitioner’s requested writ of actual innocence should be issued, based on the totality of the evidence. The petitioner was convicted of three offenses relating to a 1975 rape. Trial established that the victim was attacked by a single perpetrator…. Read More ›

United States v. Tillmon (P)

After being caught in a sting operation aimed at exposing corrupt law enforcement officers, the defendant-appellant was convicted for multiple drug-trafficking offenses and three counts of federal programs bribery. The challenged drug convictions are affirmed, but the federal-programs bribery convictions must… Read More ›

Commonwealth v. Gregg

Under Code § 19.2-243, a tolled speedy-trial clock resumes running once a defendant is subsequently taken into custody and incarcerated in Virginia, regardless the reason for the detention. Here, the defendant failed to appear in court, a bench warrant for her… Read More ›

Dennis v. Commonwealth (P)

The court of appeals abused its discretion to determine whether the facts presented in an actual-innocence petition required further development. The petitioner offered several previously unknown and untested witness affidavits in support of his petition for a writ of actual innocence… Read More ›

United States v. Young (P)

The appellant’s conviction for attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State is affirmed, but his convictions for attempting to obstruct justice are vacated. The district court’s admission of Nazi and white supremacist paraphernalia as evidence did not constitute… Read More ›