Minke v. Page County, Va.

In this employment suit brought by a former county employee, the Virginia Freedom of Information Act doesn’t create a separate privilege allowing the County to refuse to produce discovery pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26. The Virginia General… Read More ›

Sines v. Kessler

The court denies the defendant’s motion to quash the plaintiffs’ subpoenas to Twitter,, Cloudflare, and Hatreon. Construing the motion to quash as a protective order, the magistrate found that the defendant couldn’t claim any hardship under Federal Rule of… Read More ›

McFadden v. Williams

In this RICO and usury action, the plaintiffs may depose the president of a corporate defendant about matters apart from his employment with the corporation. Where the plaintiffs allege that the corporate defendants merged to avoid liability, and where the… Read More ›

Gillison v. Lead Exp. Inc.

In a case alleging that the defendant company illegally obtained consumer credit reports, the court declined to grant jurisdictional discovery on grounds that the plaintiffs’ justification was not asserted with sufficient specificity to merit access to the defendants’ documents. The… Read More ›