Domestic Relations

Gregory v. Martin (U)

The circuit court applied the wrong standard in finding that a mother withheld her consent contrary to the child’s best interests and in denying her motion to amend visitation. Mother asked for “some type of visitation” to “reestablish a relationship”… Read More ›

Parham v. Parham (U)

An ex-husband was “voluntarily underemployed” after he was terminated for cause from a position in which he earned more than $340,000 per year, then took the same position with another employer for only $162,000 per year. The circuit court’s decision… Read More ›

Chung v. Chung (U)

The circuit court erred in awarding spousal support to a wife. After the wife’s complaint was stricken, it became a nullity. Thus, there was no valid pleading before the court requesting such support, and the court lacked authority to award… Read More ›