Domestic Relations

Brown v. Brown (P)

Even when one of the former spouses dies, the trial court retains jurisdiction to determine the rights and interests of the parties in the marital property when a final decree of divorce has been entered in a bifurcated proceeding pursuant to… Read More ›

Gregory v. Martin (U)

The circuit court applied the wrong standard in finding that a mother withheld her consent contrary to the child’s best interests and in denying her motion to amend visitation. Mother asked for “some type of visitation” to “reestablish a relationship”… Read More ›

Parham v. Parham (U)

An ex-husband was “voluntarily underemployed” after he was terminated for cause from a position in which he earned more than $340,000 per year, then took the same position with another employer for only $162,000 per year. The circuit court’s decision… Read More ›

Chung v. Chung (U)

The circuit court erred in awarding spousal support to a wife. After the wife’s complaint was stricken, it became a nullity. Thus, there was no valid pleading before the court requesting such support, and the court lacked authority to award… Read More ›