Health Care

Scott v. Clarke (P)

This is a six-year-old Eighth Amendment class action concerning the long-term failure to provide adequate medical care to inmates at the Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women. After years of litigation, the parties reached a detailed settlement agreement, approved by the… Read More ›

Wicomico Nursing Home v. Padilla (P)

Plaintiff nursing homes allege that Maryland agency heads wrongfully denied their residents Medicaid benefits, in violation of the 14th Amendment and several federal statutes. The district court properly dismissed their complaint for lack of subject-matter jurisdiction and failure to state… Read More ›

Parker v. Carilion Clinic (P)

In a suit against a hospital and its two employees for disclosing the plaintiff’s confidential medical information to others, the circuit court correctly dismissed direct liability claims against the hospital but erred in also dismissing the plaintiff’s vicarious liability claims…. Read More ›

Denisenko v. Sentara Hosps.

The court denied Sentara’s claim that it had no duty to protect one emergency-room patient from another’s unprovoked attack. Although the hospital didn’t assume a duty to control the other patient despite his known history of aggression and violence, the… Read More ›