Race Discrimination

Haynes v. Waste Connections Inc. (P)

The district court erred in granting summary judgment for an employer as to the plaintiff’s race discrimination claims. Here, a white comparator with the same supervisor had several workplace infractions, including twice using a cellphone while driving, driving while distracted,… Read More ›

Hardy v. Lewis Gale Med. Ctr. LLC

In this putative class action alleging employment discrimination and wage violations, the court concludes that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s early right-to-sue regulation, 29 C.F.R. § 1601.28(a)(2), is invalid. Congress intended for the EEOC to have control over charges of… Read More ›

Gardner v. Shulkin

In this employment discrimination case, the court will not dismiss the plaintiff’s claim for discrimination based on “color” even though her EEOC charge cited only sex, race, and disability discrimination. During the administrative investigation, the plaintiff frequently cited her dark… Read More ›

Dawson v. Wash. Gas Light Co.

A plaintiff has stated claims for which relief can be granted as to discrimination and retaliation while he was employed by the defendant. The plaintiff is a self-described biracial, light-skinned man. He experienced harsh treatment from his first supervisor at… Read More ›