Real Property

Callison v. Glick (P)

The circuit court did not err in refusing to declare a party a subsurety (rather than cosurety) to a loan obligation, holding that a purchase-option contract was enforceable, and declining to explain the meaning of its final order on the… Read More ›

Bush v. Lawrence

The court has jurisdiction to hear the plaintiff’s suit against the trustee of her late husband’s trust. One of the trust defendants’ attorneys is likely to serve as a witness and thus may not serve as an advocate at trial… Read More ›

Nassabeh v. Montazami

In the sale of the marital residence in underlying divorce proceedings, a Special Commissioner will be held personally liable under Code § 8.01-105 for failure to comply with his fiduciary duties, in the amount of $79,452. The Commissioner was to… Read More ›

Haworth v. Haworth

In a special commissioner sale of 12 parcels of land, Code § 8.01-109 treats each parcel sale as sold separately even in this case where the buyer purchased 11 parcels together for a fixed price. Thus, each parcel may generate a… Read More ›