RC VA Lands LLC v. Smith (U)

In a lengthy, contentious family dispute over a will, the circuit court properly imposed sanctions against the petitioner but erred in awarding an amount in excess of attorneys’ fees actually incurred. As the estate administrator argued below, the relevant petition… Read More ›

Pili v. Patel

Employees of a hotel in Richmond have plausibly alleged violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act, including that the defendant is a covered enterprise and that an employment relationship existed. The complaint alleges that the plaintiffs performed various tasks for… Read More ›

McDonald v. Robinson

In this lawsuit alleging a sham real-estate investment scheme, sanctions are appropriate against a pro se defendant who repeatedly failed to comply with discovery rules, deadlines, and court orders. The defendants repeatedly failed to make and then supplement their initial… Read More ›

Diversified Lending LLC v. Hotz

The court awarded the plaintiff $9,953 in attorneys’ fees and costs connected to its motions for sanctions and contempt, pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 37. Counsel reasonably spent seven hours on drafting and arguing plaintiff’s motion for contempt… Read More ›