Porter v. Commonwealth (U)

In a hearing on revocation of the defendant’s suspended sentence, the trial court did not err in admitting an out-of-court verbal statement to the defendant’s probation officer. The defendant’s probation conditions included having no visitors in his state-provided motel room… Read More ›

United States v. Ross (P)

The district court failed to explain why it imposed the defendant’s term of confinement and to address his non-frivolous arguments in favor of a lower sentence. These omissions render his sentence procedurally unreasonable. The district court didn’t address or consider… Read More ›

Hall v. Commonwealth (P)

A defendant who “truthfully provide[d] all information and evidence concerning his offense” immediately prior to his sentencing hearing complied with the “safety valve” provision of Code § 18.2-248(C), which requires disclosure “not later than the time of the sentencing hearing”… Read More ›