Sovereign Immunity

Parada-Segova v. Barlow

The defendant, an employee of Fairfax County, is entitled to sovereign immunity as to the plaintiff’s claim of simple negligence. The suit arises from the plaintiff’s allegations that the defendant struck her with his vehicle while she was crossing an… Read More ›

Groff v. Lawson

The plaintiff’s negligence claim against a Westfield school resource officer must be dismissed on grounds of sovereign immunity. The officer heard a report that students were “fleeing” the school, where an all-night graduation was being held. He considered the situation… Read More ›

Frankel v. United States

An employee of the U.S. Navy cannot proceed on claims arising from another employee allegedly striking him with her car. Another judge of this court, in dismissing the plaintiff’s prior suit arising out of the same incident, held that the… Read More ›

Williams v. United States

The court lacked subject-matter jurisdiction over the plaintiff’s suit against the U.S. Postal Service for an injury she sustained by slipping on an icy ramp while visiting a post office. The court expressed regret that the plaintiff won’t have judicial… Read More ›