Damtew v. Jeng

A defendant could not appeal from an adverse auto crash judgment in the general district court because he failed to post bond or prove indemnity by his insurer. To qualify for the bond exception under Code §16.1-107, the defendant had… Read More ›

Swahn v. Hussain

In protracted litigation between townhome neighbors, the defendants/counter-plaintiffs’ losses on two issues offset their success on a third. The plaintiffs sued the defendants for public and private nuisance based on alleged operation of an illegal commercial catering business out of… Read More ›

Padilla-Ruiz v. Commc’n Techs. Inc.

The plaintiff, an assistant professor of military history, failed to establish a prima facie case that his employer recommended his termination based on anti-military animus, rather than on the plaintiff’s dishonest actions. Further, the plaintiff’s claim under Puerto Rico tort… Read More ›

Frankel v. United States

An employee of the U.S. Navy cannot proceed on claims arising from another employee allegedly striking him with her car. Another judge of this court, in dismissing the plaintiff’s prior suit arising out of the same incident, held that the… Read More ›

Frouz v. Commonwealth (P)

An appeal relating to dangerous dogs under Code § 3.2-6540(B) is civil in nature and, by operation of Code § 8.01-670, the Supreme court has appellate jurisdiction. Here, the appellant owned the house and sent emails to neighbors regarding the… Read More ›

Brown v. Tashman

In pregnancy-related medical malpractice lawsuits, the lack of a personal injuries claim for a child is a bar to a parent’s claim to recover medical expenses incurred on behalf of the child, where the tortious conduct occurred only while thechild… Read More ›