Fathi v. Nasir

Plaintiff’s counsel lacked a reasonable objective basis for designating three doctors as expert witnesses who would testify as to plaintiff’s diagnosis and treatment following the defendant’s alleged sexual assault, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. While the plaintiff’s medical… Read More ›

Parker v. Carilion Clinic (P)

In a suit against a hospital and its two employees for disclosing the plaintiff’s confidential medical information to others, the circuit court correctly dismissed direct liability claims against the hospital but erred in also dismissing the plaintiff’s vicarious liability claims…. Read More ›

Williams v. United States

The court lacked subject-matter jurisdiction over the plaintiff’s suit against the U.S. Postal Service for an injury she sustained by slipping on an icy ramp while visiting a post office. The court expressed regret that the plaintiff won’t have judicial… Read More ›

Labgold v. Regenhardt (U)

The court held that a plaintiff had standing to sue his legal malpractice complaint, arising from bankruptcy representation. While the plaintiff did allege some pre-petition breaches that he lacks standing to assert, he also alleged that the defendant failed to… Read More ›

Hall v. The Coca-Cola Co.

The plaintiff was injured when a product display fell on her, and the defendants removed her lawsuit from Norfolk Circuit Court to federal district court, based on federal enclave jurisdiction over an injury occurring at a federally-owned military base. In general,… Read More ›

Kim v. Giant of Md. LLC

A plaintiff may nonsuit in circuit court a claim appealed from general district court where the GDC sustained a motion to strike and entered judgment in favor of the defendant. But in light of Robert & Bertha Robinson Family LLC… Read More ›

Denisenko v. Sentara Hosps.

The court denied Sentara’s claim that it had no duty to protect one emergency-room patient from another’s unprovoked attack. Although the hospital didn’t assume a duty to control the other patient despite his known history of aggression and violence, the… Read More ›

Calloway v. Brown

Federal prison guards had probable cause to strip-search a plaintiff during her visit with an inmate, the court held. The inmate had a history of receiving contraband, and the plaintiff appeared nervous and was “messing with” her waistband during the… Read More ›