Workers’ Comp

Conner v. City of Danville (P)

The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission did not err in denying the claimant benefits, because she failed to prove that her injuries arose out of her employment as a police corporal. When she apparently slipped and almost fell on the wet grass,… Read More ›

Loudoun County v. Richardson (P)

The Workers’ Compensation Commission properly awarded permanent partial disability benefits to a claimant who was injured during his employment by Loudoun County as a fire department battalion chief. As a result of his injury, he received a total hip replacement…. Read More ›

Fijalkowski v. Wheeler

Police are entitled to qualified immunity as to the plaintiff’s claim that they exacerbated a dangerous situation – namely, the plaintiff’s psychotic episode in which he submerged himself underwater at the pool where he worked. Under the state-created danger doctrine,… Read More ›

Jones v. Crothall Laundry (P)

Credible evidence supports the Commission’s finding that the claimant’s act of entering the employer’s machinery area without using the gate, which would have deactivated the equipment, proximately caused his injury. The Commission also did not err in concluding that the… Read More ›

Hamilton v. Pro-Football Inc. (P)

Evidence supports the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission’s denial of a claim for wage loss benefits for an injury that the claimant sustained while on the Washington Redskins’ practice squad. Denial was based on the Commission’s finding that the claimant didn’t… Read More ›